National Blue Ribbon School

Birthday Sign Form



Imagine your child arriving to school and seeing his/her name and birthdate on the MLK sign!

The MLK PTA is starting a brand new fundraiser to help you celebrate your child’s birthday. You can announce his/her birthday on the bulletin sign in the front lawn for $7 for the week. For a whole week, from a Friday to the next Friday, your child’s name will be displayed on the sign. It will include their first name, the first letter of their last name, and the date. The information will be placed on the sign the week of the birthday. The birthday announcements will be on the side facing away from Inman Avenue.

Please complete the bottom portion of the form and return it with your check made out to MLK PTA in a sealed envelope marked MLK PTA Happy Birthday. Please make sure that the name is legible. Fill out a separate form for each child, but payment can be combined on one check. Please staple all forms together.

Thank you for your support in this new endeavor!

Please click HERE for the birthday form